Dock of Hope Orphanage

Dock of Hope Orphanage:

Over past 18 years, Maranatha has been hard at work bringing change In West, Africa. To celebrate our eighteenth year as an organization, we have decided to finally start a project that has been near and dear to our founder. Maranatha will be starting Dock of Hope Orphanage in Amosoukoupe, Togo.

Why there? Because of the increasing needs that we have witnessed in this community over the past six year. Through the establishment of this project, we hope to help the orphan children of Amousoukope and the surrounding areas, as well as the communities in which they reside. Maranatha will be working to provide safe shelter, primary through secondary education, a variety of vocational training programs, clean water, literacy programs, and other enrichment programs.

In order to get this project off the ground, we are currently looking for partners that will help us with building our orphanage, installing a plumbing system, obtaining electricity, and other related needs. Email us at to inquire about how you can assist us. Also, feel free to visit our ways to help tab to learn about more ways to assist our organization. 



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