June/July Mission 2018

Hello Friends,

Seems like forever since I’ve done a blog post. Exciting things have been happening since my last post. As you guys know I work as a school social worker in my everyday profession. Well this summer i decided to use my summer break and a bit of my savings to go to Togo, to assist my mom in her goal of building an orphanage in a high needs community near Amoussokope, Togo.  This decision was not an easy one, but i can say that it was truly worth the sacrifice.

You see, When I graduated I made a promise to God that if he gave me the job that I wanted I would utilize my Summers / breaks to serve him. It hasn’t been easy to keep that promises as the flesh is weak, but by God’s grace I’ve been able to walk towards that promise. This summer I had the opportunity to assist my mom with the orphanage that we are working towards starting and Togo. This trip was by no means a vacation as the entire 3 weeks was spent working hard towards accomplishing the necessary steps for the orphanage. Imagine spending 3 weeks and some days with no AC, mosquitoes and other not so comfortable settings. It had been six years since my last trip to Africa, so i quickly realized that America has spoiled me. Now being a full-time Employee, I found that i had a better understanding of the difficulties that those outside the U.S face. Life is difficult for the people of Togo and many of them are still without the basic needs that many Americans cannot do without.Togo is close to my mom and I because it is the homeland of my grandfather. Although he has been gone for many years, our work will honor God while also honoring him. 

We have started building the orphanage and cannot wait to share more pictures of the progress of the building. For now i will share with you three pictures about my time in Togo. For more information, visit ministries website at : https://maranathaoutreach.org/

With Love,

Sarah E.

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2018 Update

Hello Friends,

Happy New Year!! We pray that this will be a year of restoration and fulfillment for you and your families. The Maranatha team is still hard at work strategizing and building our Dock of Hope project. So far we have been able to make more than 2,00 bricks and have started the necessary ground work to build the Dock of Hope Orphanage. We are still looking for donations from our supporters. Feel free top contact us if you are interested in helping in any way. 2018 will be a busy year for us as we work hard to establish ourselves in the U.S  and continue to grow in Africa. We know that the Lords hands are truly on this project and cannot wait to see this vision fulfilled. Thank you all for your continual support on this project.

Many Blessings,

Sarah Etti, Secretary



We welcome you to our page. Maranatha has been active for over eighteen years in West Africa. In this new year we are excited for the direction that the lord is leading us in. We are looking forward to continuing our work in West Africa as well as expanding our work in the U.S. We invite you to join us on this journey to aide those who are less fortunate and spread the gospel of Christ to everyone.

Maranatha has recently launched a project that will impact Amousoukope and its surrounding areas. We are seeking to provide full-time shelter for 15-25 children (Dependent on funding). In order to complete this project we are looking for some partners/ sponsors, who would like to make a difference in the lives of orphans and their surrounding communities. We pray that the lord will bless you!!



Sarah Etti