About Us

About Us:

Our organization has been serving the people of west Africa for over a decade. This ministry was started in 1999 by Pastor Betty after the Lord put on her heart to go out and reach the lost and forgotten of Ivory Coast. Since then, Maranatha has worked in over 5 countries independently and with partners to bring effective changes in the western region of Africa. Over the past eighteen years, we have seen great changes in the communities in which we have serve. Not only are we a faith based organization, but we are also an organization that strives to love the children of God.

Mission Statement

At Maranatha Ministries, our mission is to spiritually uplift the communities we serve. The basis of our ministry is to follow the example of Christ and to exhibit love to all God’s children. Our faith based outreach serves people of all races, backgrounds, and religions. We do this through various educational, employment, nutrition, and other enrichment programs.

Vision Statement

An African people living a life of Self-sufficiency.